Gorgeous ‘Children of Virtue and Vengeance’ cover depicts a radiant Zélie

We can hardly wait for ‘Children of Virtue and Vengeance’! 😍


Zélie Adebola — the protagonist of Tomi Adeyemi’s best-selling novel Children of Blood and Bone — is once again front and center in the Children of Virtue and Vengeance cover.

Adeyemi unveiled the cover Monday in an interview with Essence, a lifestyle and fashion magazine for African-American women. The artwork on the cover was done by artist Sarah Jones — she was handpicked by Adeyemi herself.

“[Sarah’s work] was so black and it was so elegant, and it was so powerful, and it was so majestic, and that’s everything I wanted for Zélie,” Adeyemi told Essence.

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Check it out:

Children of Virtue and Vengeance cover

Children of Virtue and Vengeance cover. (Macmillan Children Publishing Group)

Adeyemi took to Twitter to react to the cover. “Come appreciate Zélie’s radiance with me,” she said in her tweet.


This isn’t the first time fans have gotten a glimpse of Zélie. The character is depicted on the front cover of Children of Blood and Bone, but half her face is concealed. This cover, however, offers a full portrait of the heroine.

Of note is Zélie’s hair. It doesn’t shy away from her coils, which Adeyemi signaled as important during her Essence interview.

Children of Blood and Bone is the first book in a trilogy. It follows Zélie as well as her brother Tzain and a princess, Amari, on their quest to restore magic to the kingdom of Orïsha. Children of Virtue and Vengeance will be the second book in the trilogy.

What else do we know about the book? Children of Virtue and Vengeance is slated for a December release date. The book has been pushed back twice already. Adeyemi said she needed more time to perfect the book.

If you’re dying to know more about Children of Virtue and Vengeance, we have an article rounding up every scrap of detail we could find.

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