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WATCH: Clary’s Angelic Rune Ceremony from ‘Shadowhunters’ Season Three

Jace looks so proud of Clary in this scene! 😍

It’s that time of year again — ‘Shadowhunters’ is returning to Freeform! And that means we’re getting all sorts of early previews from the show, including this new clip from season three released earlier this week.

The clip comes from the season’s premiere episode, ‘On Infernal Ground’. In it, we see Clary receive¬†the rune of angelic power, marking the end of her shadowhunter training.


And we have to mention Jace’s expression in this clip. HE LOOKS SO PROUD!

We’re excited to see what season three has in store for us. ‘Shadowhunters’ is returning to Freeform Tuesday, March 20.

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