‘Red Queen’ sequel gets a cover!

K N E E L O R B L E E D.


It’s here, Red Queen fans!

This morning Yahoo! Movies revealed the cover of Glass Sword, the sequel to Victoria Aveyard’s blockbuster novel Red Queen. Beneath the title are words “KNEEL OR BLEED” (AHHHH!!!)

Check it out:

Glass Sword Cover

Epic Reads also shared a photo of a printed copy on their Instagram account.

The cover is similar to that of the first novel. Both feature a crown and both have bright red blood dripping from them. There’s definitely a theme going on here!

Aveyard’s novels follow Mare Barrow, a young girl who finds herself wrapped up in the lives of the royal family–a family of the elitist Silvers. The problem? She’s not silver-blooded herself, but Red. And now she has the chance of shifting the balance of power in her world.

Yahoo! Movies also had a bit of information on the plot of Glass Sword. We’re not posting it here as it might be too spoiler-ish for readers. If you’re still interested, click here.

Red Queen has seen enormous success since its publication earlier this year. A movie adaptation is in the works and Elizabeth Banks is said to be in talks to direct the movie. If she signs on to the movie, it’ll be her second directorial film. The first movie she directed was ‘Pitch Perfect 2’.

We definitely have our eyes on Red Queen and Victoria Aveyard! We love the cover and can’t wait to hear more about the book!

Glass Sword hits shelves February 9, 2016.


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