QUIZ: Are you Erudite? (Divergent World Trivia)

How well do you know Veronica Roth’s world in Divergent? This quiz will put your knowledge to the test!


Do you consider yourself Erudite?  Than this is the quiz for you!  Test your knowledge of the Divergent World and see if you have the brains to be counted among the intelligent!

Erudites value knowledge above all else. A lack of knowledge is a crime in the mind of a the Erudite faction.

The following are questions testing your knowledge of the Divergent universe. A member of Erudite would strive to understand the world they live in and would therefore be knowledgeable in the details of their city–both large and small.

In the pursuit of knowledge, even the smallest details are never overlooked! It starts out easy and then gets tougher. Even missing one question could prove fatal in this quiz. Watch out for trick questions! Good luck!

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