8 Things We’re Excited to See in ‘The 5th Wave’ Movie!

Are you ready for The 5th Wave? We sure are!


Bookstacked and 5th Wave Net writer Lucy is one of the biggest 5th Wave fans on our team! She’s put together this list of things she’s most excited to see in Sony’s upcoming 5th Wave movie adaptation. Be sure to catch The 5th Wave in theaters on the 22nd!

It’s time, Wavers! We’ve now reached the end of the countdown that’s led us up to The 5th Wave movie! And what better way to gear up for the movie than to think about what we’re looking forward to?

You may have more, but these are the 8 things that I’m personally looking forward to seeing in The 5th Wave movie.

1. That Ben Parish smile!

ben parish smileI mean, look at that smile!

Okay, so we all know that Ben Parish has an A+ smile… But Nick Robinson was clearly born for the role! Nick has been in so many other amazing films over the past five years and this role is definitely going to send him places in Hollywood. Ben Parish (aka Zombie) has that certain tough boy act about him, so we can’t just goggle at the smile the whole time (although I definitely will!) We actually have to remember that he’s not just about the smile! I for one am VERY excited to see Nick play Ben. The character has so much going for him and I am very interested to see if the portrayal is loyal enough to the book!

2. Mario Bello playing Reznik


Okay, Wavers… This casting was definitely NOT expected at all. I’m not too sure how I really feel about it, but I’m all for giving chances. Honestly, I’ve never seen Maria in much so I can’t really say what kind of actress she is–but from what I’ve seen from the trailer, she seems to do an OK job.

I’m looking forward to this because I like seeing women take on the strong roles made for men. Who knows? Maria might be one kick-ass Reznik. It’s all about the attitude and hopefully that woman can bring it!


the others

From buses blowing up, to large “other” spaceships and night raids… There could not be more room for amazing special effects! As I read the book, there was never a dull moment. From all the action moments throughout and from what we saw in the trailer, to them filming in Macon… We can definitely expect some wicked special effects! Fingers crossed! I’m definitely excited to see how they interpret all the goings on at Camp Haven and with the giant other-ship.

4. Ringer


Time for some justifiable bias! Ringer was by far THE BEST character in the book for me. She never failed to stay true to herself, even when she felt so weak and useless. She wouldn’t falter and let anyone get the best of her. She’s the bad ass everyone loves but fears at the same time! Plus, Maika Monroe has already proven she’ll do great! In the short clip we got of Ringer’s arrival, she played the character out perfectly, and they kept her love for chess in the film… BONUS POINTS! But seriously, Ringer is a force to be reckoned with and the others better watch themselves! From her skills in the field, to her skills on the chess board, Ringer is definitely an amazing chick. What’s more is she doesn’t take crap from anyone!

I’m so looking forward to seeing this girl on the silver screen! Maika will kick butt!

5. Liev Schreiber as Colonel Vosch


Liev is definitely the perfect casting for this role. I honestly don’t know of anyone else who can take on a character as bad and evil as him! In the beginning, when we first meet Vosch, he comes across as this friendly Colonel, but we can all sense something is up! Liev’s experience with creating face value trusting characters is vast. In ‘Salt’, he made her trust him right up until the final second. And I totally got that vibe from Vosch while reading. As Squad 53 and Cassie discover his secrets, he turns into “his true self.”

Liev Schreiber will definitely be an actor to watch in this movie! I could not be more excited that he is playing Vosch!

6. The book-to-film adaptation

book to film

Obviously, faithfulness to the book is key. In many cases, we have been disappointed… (*coughcoughInsurgentcoughcough*). However, in the case of The 5th Wave, I feel as though this might be a successful adaptation because Rick Yancey spent a lot of time on set. I really enjoy it when the directors get the authors involved as much as possible. There are definitely moments for me that MUST make it into the film and if not… I’ll set the “others” on them!

In all seriousness, I definitely believe this movie will live up to the book!

7. Squad 53

squad 53

Another favourite of mine was Squad 53. This group of youngsters had A LOT of gut, and who wouldn’t? I mean, needing to stomach the others, live with Reznik, and all the intense training–that takes a lot! A majority of the squad is under thirteen, with the exception of Zombie, Ringer, and Flintstone. In the movie, for a couple of characters, they have cast a few of them a bit older, but I think that was a good choice.

I’m definitely excited to see the squad in action! The cast became so close over the weeks of filming and I hope that bond is shown onscreen because they’re definitely a big family in the book!



Call me a romantic, but “Eviopeia” was definitely the highlight of the book for me! Evan Walker and Cassie Sullivan somehow found romance through their situation. Even with crazy secrets and the world turning to nothing, they managed to love each other and be there for each other. A lot of people really love these two together and I am definitely one of those people! The chemistry between them is amazing and I can’t wait to see that portrayed onscreen! Alex Roe was definitely the best choice for Evan…

(I mean, he’s just so pretty, and strong, and stuff…)

But that’s not important. The important thing is that he has that farm boy look. He has the whole “lost farm boy in love with a dark secret” act down, in my opinion. Chloe Moretz will also bring A LOT to the character and the relationship. I feel that Cassie was always stuck on Ben to consider other options, but once the waves begin and she realizes he might be dead, she really does start to see much more in Evan! I’m just excited for this relationship to be onscreen. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a bit of Eviopeia?


If I’ve left anything out, let us know what YOU’RE looking forward too!

The 5th Wave hits cinemas January 22nd, so make sure you have your tickets ready and you’ve done that last-minute read!


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