7 Ruelle Songs That Made Shadowhunters Too Emotional To Handle

Shadowhunters Season 1 was a whirlwind of emotions for fans of the show, but Ruelle’s music made the emotions all too real for some.


Ruelle’s music captivated Shadowhunters fans and made them feel emotions that they would otherwise only see on the screen. Seven Ruelle songs were included in Season 1 of Shadowhunters, and most were during some of the most pivotal plot moments.

The writers at Shadowhunters TV wrote an emotional rollercoaster of a season, but rather than leaving fans with miniature breakdowns during each episode, they decided to really lay on the heat. What do you get when you combine intense storylines with music from Ruelle? Emotional breakdowns.


ONE – “This is the Hunt”

During months and months of waiting for the premiere of Shadowhunters, all the fandom had to hold onto was the opening credits. Producers gave the fans a nine second opener with music that brought The Mortal Instruments books series to life and paired it with stills of the talented cast.

“Mysteries unfold,
All the stories,
Legends that we’re told,
We watch them come to life.”

The nine second opening credits of Shadowhunters gave us goosebumps during the season premiere and continued through all thirteen episodes. For viewers who hadn’t read the books, this song was the tell-all for what to expect in the series.


TWO – “Monsters”

The first scene of the series follows Jace, Isabelle and Alec as they track down a demon. It was like the song was written for this exact scene. For viewers who weren’t familiar with the Shadow Squad was up to, or what the deal was with the shape shifter, Ruelle’s lyrics indirectly explain the premise of the scene.

“One misstep, you’re mine,
And you better stay clever if you wanna survive,
Once you cross the line,
You’ll be wishing you would listen when you meet your demise”

Viewers were already jaw dropping from Izzy’s moves in her heels, Jace’s beautiful blond locks and Alec’s jumping abilities, but that wasn’t enough for the producers. Naturally, they added some Ruelle to bring to life the baddass nature of Shadowhunters and the foul demons they hunt.


THREE – “Invincible”

The Clace motorcycle scene was the moment that Clary gained her confidence and was ready to kick some demon butt. As viewers learned early in the series, Clary would do anything to save Simon, and it appears that Jace has given her the confidence to find her inner Shadowhunter and save her best friend, regardless of what it may cost.

“Bring on the fire and bring on the storm,
We’ll still be here when it’s all said and done,
Burn down the bridges and tear down the walls,
We’ll still be standing invincible”

The lyrics of this Ruelle song suggests that Jace’s overconfident attitude is rubbing off on Clary. No matter the odds, these two will complete the mission, even if that means destroying everything in their path along the way.


FOUR – “Where Do We Go From Here”

Isabelle’s transformation post break-up got all too real. Ruelle’s music added a level of depth and rawness to the scene that tore out viewers’  heartstrings. If your face wasn’t soggy from hysterically crying, I would check to make sure your heart is in working order.

“How do you fly with no wings,
How do you breathe without dreams,
Where do we go from here”

Post transformation, Izzy will work to find her new identity without sacrificing her duties as a Shadowhunter.


FIVE – “Storm”

A song written for the first Clace kiss (literally), and Ruelle knocked it out of the park. The sense of urgency between Clary and Jane, combined with Ruelle’s exhilarating lyrics had all Shadowhunters fans rooting for Clace.

“You’re taking my heart, by storm,
I’m lost in your love,
I can’t hold back anymore,
I’m lost in your love”

Thinking you just stabbed your one true love can really put things into perspective, as was the case for Clary. The song lyrics shows the intimate and tender aspects of the relationship during a time of desperation and need.


SIX – “War of Hearts”

The ultimate, most freak-out moment of Season 1. Book fans never got to witness a Malec kiss in the movie adaptation, making expectations high for the show. Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus Bane) and Matthew Daddario’s (Alec Lightwood) chemistry was tangible, and Ruelle’s music had viewers feeling like they were part of the moment.

“I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you”

Season 1 was a rollercoaster of emotions for Alec, and after eleven episodes, he accepts his true identity and love for Magnus.


SEVEN – “Bad Dream”

The lyrics to Ruelle’s hit song was all too accurate for the Jocelyn waking scene. Viewers felt a sense of relief after Jocelyn awoke, but knew it wasn’t a happy ending for the Shadow Squad.

“Wake me up,
Won’t you wake me up.
I’m caught in bad dream,
Caught on a bad dream.”

Jocelyn finally woke from her “bad dream”, but is reality any better? Season 2 will tell if Jocelyn is prepared to face Clary after years of lies, Luke after years of pretending and Jace after discovering their true relationship.


The ultimate blend of Ruelle and Shadowhunters emotionally destroyed fans, making them attached to every character and their individual story lines on a crazy intimate level. Personally, I can only hope for more of Ruelle’s music in Season 2.

Listen for Ruelle’s music in Season 1 of Shadowhunters on Freeform:
“This is the Hunt” – All Episodes, Theme Song
“Monsters” – Episode 1, Opening Scene
“Invincible” – Episode 3, Clace Motorcycle Ride
“Where Do We Go From Here” – Episode 5, Izzy’s Transformation
“Storm” – Episode 6, Clace Kiss
“War of Hearts” – Episode 12, Malec Kiss
“Bad Dream” – Episode 13, Jocelyn Wakes

Let us know, what was your favorite song of Season 1? What music choices are you hoping to hear in the upcoming season of Shadowhunters?

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