Can You Survive The 5th Wave?

Wavers, the time has come to experience The 5th Wave for yourselves.


When the alien apocalypse comes and you’ve lost everything, what do you do? Try to survive, of course!

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Welcome to The 5th Wave! Based on the popular book (and now movie!) by Rick Yancey, this game will place you in the middle of The 5th Wave itself. You’ve survived the previous four waves, but will you be able to make it through the deadliest phase of the Others’ extermination?

The story: You’re trying to survive the alien apocalypse. You don’t know who you can trust or what you’ll find as you explore the wasteland that is now Earth. You can only hope to survive.

How it works: The game will put you in several impossible scenarios where you’ll be tested in health, trust and survival. In some cases, you’ll need to trust the people you come across. In other cases, you’ll need to be careful about who you trust — all while identifying what foods you should and shouldn’t eat. And as if that weren’t enough, you’ll need to have the skills to properly escape the Others. Bear in mind that some of the choices will lead to a random overall outcome, adding a sort of random element to the story.

Note: This game is very loosely based on the events found in Rick Yancey’s novel. It’s meant to be general enough for you to imagine yourself in the story!

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