Who else remembers how terrible the ‘Eragon’ movie was? Does it deserve a remake or sequel?

It was just… no.


Alright, it’s time for a rewind.

Let’s go back to the Winter of 2006 when Christopher Paolini’s bestselling fantasy series made its on-screen debut with ‘Eragon’.

2021 Updates:

There was a lot of hype surrounding ‘Eragon.’ Audiences were still raving about The Lord of the Rings movies (I mean, aren’t we all still raving about LotR?) and Harry Potter was at its peak. There was a high demand for fantasy-based stories at the time. Enter Christopher Paolini with his multi-brick-sized Inheritance Cycle, the story of a young farm boy who discovers a dragon egg. What follows is an epic (and long) story filled with elves, dwarves, a mad king, and — of course — dragons.

‘Eragon’ by Christopher Paolini (Alfred A. Knopf)

Paolini’s books got a lot of flack back in the day for being Lord of the Rings/Star Wars rip-offs – and there’s probably a lot of merit there. But, hey, the books were fun, and they left young readers wishing they had dragons themselves.

And not only that but these books were mega hits. The first book was the third best-selling children’s book of 2003, right behind J.K. Rowling and Lemony freakin’ Snicket. The movie was shaping up to be big too. The Eragon movie cast had at least one big name: Jeremy Irons was attached to play Obi-Brom Kenobi.

Need I say more?

It goes without saying that movie execs and fans both expected the film to kick off a mega-franchise. But with those high expectations came high disappointment.

Eragon and the Goblet of Fire

Let’s start with the lesser of the cinema sins — the movie poster.

Poster from ‘Eragon’ (20th Century Fox)

Look, there’s nothing inherently terrible about the poster. Is it a gorgeous work of art like the Interstellar poster — or even the Hunger Games posters?


And it doesn’t necessarily have to be. But the problem was that this movie came out a year after ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ hit the big screen, and the movie poster was just too similar.

A line of cast members looking in the direction of the camera (the camera angled to look upwards at the heroes) while set against a fantasy backdrop featuring a castle. It was just too on the nose too soon.

But — again — that’s the least of the film’s problems.

The real trouble begins with how much they changed the book. Yes — most book-to-film adaptations have to undergo changes. Pacing and character development are vastly different in a novel than in a movie. That means things will be cut, shortened, and altered.

But ‘Eragon’ took it to a whole new level.

From creepy to cockroach

Remember the Ra’zac?

They were Paolini’s brand of Nazgûl and they were creepy AF. Complete with long beaks poking out beneath their hoods, these baddies ate humans and hunted dragon riders throughout Alagaësia. But in the movie? Nah. Instead of the nightmarish and mysterious figures, we get two ninja mummies made up of cockroaches.

I am Urgal hear me rawr

And the Ra’zac weren’t the only Eragon baddies that the filmmakers butchered. Paolini’s book is filled with orc-ish creatures called Urgals. You don’t mess with these dudes. They’re gross looking monsters with horns sticking out the tops of their heads.

But in the movie? Bald guys with makeup.

And then there’s Galbatorix

King Galbatorix. This is the evil emperor of Paolini’s world. I always liked Paolini’s approach to Galbatorix. He doesn’t appear in the first book, you only ever hear about him. This adds a lot of mystery to his character and, in my opinion, really hypes up his reveal in the final book.

But once again, the filmmakers crap all over that.

No offense to John Malkovich, the actor who portrays Galbatorix. He has a long and respectable film career. But the inclusion of Galbatorix’s character in the movie always felt awkward. He basically sat around all day in his throne room waiting for his henchman to give him updates on the pursuit to stop the rebels and kill Eragon. It’s not like President Snow’s inclusion in ‘The Hunger Games’, where you see him tending to his roses — showing that he actually has a life.

At the very end of the movie, he’s so angry he lost the final battle that he throws a tantrum.

It’s just awkward.

I hardly scratched the surface

Those are just some of the worst bits that stick out to me. The movie has a lot of other problems. To name a few more: all around bad acting, little emotion, the dragons are birds. The ending is wtf?

If I have to praise anything in the film, it’s going to be the CGI. For 2006, the Saphira looks good — I’d even say she still holds up today.

Eragon Movie 2? What about a sequel?

At this point, an Eragon movie sequel is incredibly unlikely. The time for the studio to develop Eldest, the second book in the Inheritance Cycle, would have been in the immediate years after the first movie’s release.

Unfortunately, the ‘Eldest’ movie didn’t just have poor reviews going against it. The filmmaker behind ‘Eragon,’ Stefan Fangmeier, was apparently hesitant to commit to producing later films in the franchise because the books hadn’t been completed at the time.

When the ‘Eragon’ movie landed in theaters, only the first two Inheritance Cycle books had been released. In fact, the Inheritance Cycle wasn’t called the Inheritance Cycle back then, but the Inheritance Trilogy. Fangmeier felt moving forward with the franchise would be difficult without knowing how the books were supposed to end, and Paolini was reportedly not very helpful in filling in those gaps for the production.

“I asked Christopher … about that and he was not volunteering much of what was going to happen,” Fangmeier said in an interview with MovieWeb in 2007. “I think it’s very important to see where this ends up; how it’s resolved. I think until you kind of have an understanding of what the third piece of that puzzle is, it’s kind of hard to look at that second book, of course I read it, it’s very much a transitional story element. I think one would be best off to write the third film first, and then, being happy with that, going back to the second one and doing all the set-up work that will pay off in the third.”

It took more than a year following that interview for the third novel, Brisingr, to finally reach the hands of readers. And by then, Paolini had announced that the trilogy would actually be a quartet, which one could assume would complicate Fangmeier’s approach. The final book wasn’t released until 2011.

Considering Paolini’s long writing process and the poor reception the movie received, an Eragon movie sequel never really stood a chance.

Will they remake the Eragon movie?

Many fans are still hoping for an Eragon movie or television remake, but it’s hard to imagine a studio picking up the Inheritance Cycle right now. The final book in the series had a lukewarm reception, and a lot of the hype behind the books seems to have died down.

That still said, if it was ever going to happen, now would be the time. Shadowhunters got a second (albeit short-lived) chance at the screen. And a His Dark Materials remake is one of HBO’s top titles. This shows that studios are willing to give franchises a second go.

Related: Christopher Paolini and his fans are trying to convince Disney to remake Eragon

Disney might be dragon riders’ best hope at an Eragon movie remake. 21st Century Fox, which owned the movie rights to Eragon, is now owned by Disney. Disney loves a good franchise, and we know it’s actively perusing Fox’s massive backlog of properties to reboot. A Percy Jackson TV show is in the works at Disney, despite its universally hated movie adaptations.

So who knows? There may still be a shot at seeing Eragon and Saphira take flight again.

Do you want an Eragon movie remake?

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  • Grove Margin • 6 years ago

    Such a disappointment in many ways but I don’t personally think it’s worth remaking. Inheritance was one of the worst endings to a book series I’ve ever read.

    • Tristen levesque • 3 years ago

      An absolute lie. I have read the series seven times.

  • Pedro • 3 years ago

    I hope one day we can see the second part off Eragon , my son and I we love this movie

  • Olamide • 3 years ago

    Well, the movie is not that bad just little things went off…the enemies that hunt dragon hunters should be more aggresive….more fierce fighting so as to put in more Acton’s..

  • Wendy • 3 years ago

    I myself have all the books. I love dragon stories. I believe with today technology they can come up with a powerful movie. It beats crap of what we watch now.
    Just start out from scratch and make Earagon over again.

  • Domvdm • 3 years ago

    With so many remakes and re-remakes of movies and books and comics… of course this series deserves another go. It’s beautiful family content, un-animated, with all the splendors and magic CGI can offer – there’s definitely an audience for family fantasy. There’s not enough enjoyable viewing for the whole family – young and old.
    We either get fantastic content, but completely inappropriate for children (Game Of Thrones) or animated movies (dragons is an amazing franchise, but there is only so much animation one can endure) or really low level productions – just for kids (too many to name) and between the marvel franchise, the fast and furious franchise….I say it’s high time for a fabulous fantasy family series / franchise…….take the 4 books and make a series….(Game of Thrones was 5 books)

  • Merlyn • 3 years ago

    i recon they should as they could end it in so many ways possible and skip some ending and cut straight to the next book i really wish they made another movie since the books are really good i just hope someone out there ends up doing this

  • Tonda Lee Stewart • 3 years ago

    Eragon was EPIC and I wish they had followed through with a sequel because it was a box office failure didn’t make it an less awesome a movie now it’s a cult following…Dragons are awesome even to this 61 yo granny

    • Avatar photo
      Brigitte Herron • 3 years ago

      I love the idea of making more of Eragon! The CGI was pretty good for its time so they wouldn’t even have to remake it, just go straight to the sequel

  • Maria Øland Riise • 3 years ago

    Give me more😭😍

  • Tristen levesque • 3 years ago

    The movie was terrible. It is an abomination of the books. How could they do this to the books? The movie deserves a remake. If they couldn’t finish the movie in one film, then at least make one movie per book. It is a huge disappointment.

  • Diane • 3 years ago

    What totally ruined the trust movie and the possibility of a sequel was how they portrayed his relationship with the Fairy (or elf?). This relationship remains in question; a mystery over the 4 books. They basically got them together in the first movie- AND she looked NOTHING like her character in the book! Bad! Also poor casting except for the role of Eragon. AND the dragon went from an egg to a full-size dragon in like 5 minutes- BOOOO!
    Worst production/book-movie I’ve ever seen

    • diane • 3 years ago

      I agree with Tristan- it deserves a redo by a good producer/director

  • Kimberly Russell • 3 years ago

    Tristan right on so many levels. I saw the movie first and I thought it was so silly. I almost didn’t buy the book when I saw it at the thrift store. I am glad I did though. The books were great and I loved Eragon’s growth in each one.

  • Karla Nichols Mclemee • 3 years ago

    They really need to make or remake Eragon have been waiting 15 years.. for some of us we never read the books but loved the movie!! So I know Disney will do a fabulous job as they do with all movies So please start producing 🥰🥰

  • Cheryl Hays • 3 years ago

    I loved Eragon the movie, and I don’t care what others thought, it may not of been what people expected but I felt it had a lot of heart and showed us how to be strong and stand up for what we believe in. The world now as we know it is in trouble, so we need to take a stand for what is right and not for just what we are told! And we all know what that is in our hearts!❤️

  • HLaverne • 3 years ago

    I did suck. It was a fantastic movie. Great graphics and actors. Love this movie and look forward to a sequel.

  • dragonslayerkiller101 • 3 years ago

    I hope the movies will have a great sequels such as Percy Jacksons, Harry Potter or the The beast movies trilogy or Pirates of Carribeans franchises or Lotr/Hobbits trilogy. Might be the Disney will take the sequels to more higher levels such as re-makes the movies exactly like the books Urgals, and more dark-horrorlike Galbatorix. They could develops the movies more like Hobbits and Lord of the Rings darker sides. Excited if this could be make happens might be Disney work alongs with paramount pictures and Lionsgate and Legendary productions. Yknow Wht I Mean more vibelike such as King Arthur movies put Jason Momoa and all great casts to make the movie more in a serious note. I am sure it will make box offices.

  • J,A Reece • 2 years ago

    I believe that now is the time to start from scratch. Remake the 1st movie in the series. With all that it happening in this world right now people need an escape. When reading the books you can escape your own world and dive into this mystical time of dragon riders, kings, elves, and all this fantasy has to offer. Just if it gets done do it right not soso. LotR and HP where huge hits made from book to screen. Do the writers justice. I personally would love to see this made a new.

  • Dana McCumber • 2 years ago

    I would love to see more Eragon movies made. I loved the movie. Sure there’s room for bettering future films, but many older movies weren’t made as well as they could be now.

  • Heather • 2 years ago

    I just saw the movie for the first time (and wasn’t even aware of the books ’til I read this article). Although the pacing felt disorientatingly rushed, I loved the essence of the story and would love to see a sequel!!

    I wouldn’t disagree with many of the flaws mentioned–but I only really noticed them after they were pointed out here—they didn’t at all dim my viewing experience.

    The fun thing about a sequel, is that it can tarnish perfection…Or perhaps, in this case, polish away a few noticeably rough edges. I think a sequel would be much more successful than a remake, since as you noted, the books drew to a lackluster conclusion. A sequel would draw its integrity from a basic cohesion with the first film, giving further opportunity to veer away from the books..except this time donning the wisdom gained from years of reflection about the failures of the first adaptation. Sometimes time is your friend.

  • Mrs. Curtis W Daise • 2 years ago

    Me and my adult children and grandchildren who has seen Eragon would love to see a sequel on a remake of it. Even though it’s been years, we still watch it occasionally together or separately. As a matter of fact that’s what made me Google information about it because I just finished watching it again. I can’t help what kind of reviews it got. My family and I love it!! Wish it will come back in some form.

  • Billy Waller • 2 years ago

    I thought the Eragon movie was really good. I would love to see a sequel.