Who else remembers how terrible the ‘Eragon’ movie was?

It was just… no.

Alright, it’s time for a rewind.

Let’s go back 12 years to the Winter of 2006 when Christopher Paolini’s bestselling fantasy series made its on-screen debut with ‘Eragon’.

There was a lot of hype surrounding ‘Eragon’. Audiences were still raving about The Lord of the Rings movies (I mean, aren’t we all still raving about LotR?) and Harry Potter was at its peak. There was a high demand for fantasy-based stories at the time. Enter Christopher Paolini with his multi-brick-sized Inheritance Cycle, the story of a young farm boy who discovers a dragon egg. What follows is an epic (and long) story filled with elves, dwarves, a mad king, and — of course — dragons.


Paolini’s books got a lot of flack back in the day for being Lord of the Rings/Star Wars rip-offs – and there’s probably a lot of merit there. But, hey, the books were fun, and they left young readers wishing they had dragons themselves.

And not only that but these books were mega hits. The first book was the third best-selling children’s book of 2003, right behind J.K. Rowling and Lemony freakin’ Snicket. The movie was shaping up to be big too. Jeremy Irons was attached to play Obi-Brom Kenobi.

Need I say more?

It goes without saying that movie execs and fans both expected the film to kick off a mega-franchise. But with those high expectations came high disappointment.

Eragon and the Goblet of Fire

Let’s start with the lesser of the cinema sins — the movie poster.


Look, there’s nothing inherently terrible about the poster. Is it a gorgeous work of art like the Interstellar poster — or even the Hunger Games posters?


And it doesn’t necessarily have to be. But the problem was that this movie came out a year after ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ hit the big screen, and the movie poster was just too similar.

A line of cast members looking in the direction of the camera (the camera angled to look upwards at the heroes) while set against a fantasy backdrop featuring a castle. It was just too on the nose too soon.

But — again — that’s the least of the film’s problems.

The real trouble begins with how much they changed the book. Yes — most book-to-film adaptations have to undergo changes. Pacing and character development are vastly different in a novel than in a movie. That means things will be cut, shortened, and altered.

But ‘Eragon’ took it to a whole new level.

From creepy to cockroach

Remember the Ra’zac?

They were Paolini’s brand of Nazgûl and they were creepy AF. Complete with long beaks poking out beneath their hoods, these baddies ate humans and hunted dragon riders throughout Alagaësia. But in the movie? Nah. Instead of the nightmarish and mysterious figures, we get two ninja mummies made up of cockroaches.

I am Urgal hear me rawr

And the Ra’zac weren’t the only Eragon baddies that the filmmakers butchered. Paolini’s book is filled with orc-ish creatures called Urgals. You don’t mess with these dudes. They’re gross looking monsters with horns sticking out the tops of their heads.

But in the movie? Bald guys with makeup.


And then there’s Galbatorix

King Galbatorix. This is the evil emperor of Paolini’s world. I always liked Paolini’s approach to Galbatorix. He doesn’t appear in the first book, you only ever hear about him. This adds a lot of mystery to his character and, in my opinion, really hypes up his reveal in the final book.

But once again, the filmmakers crap all over that.

No offense to John Malkovich, the actor who portrays Galbatorix. He has a long and respectable film career. But the inclusion of Galbatorix’s character in the movie always felt awkward. He basically sat around all day in his throne room waiting for his henchman to give him updates on the pursuit to stop the rebels and kill Eragon. It’s not like President Snow’s inclusion in ‘The Hunger Games’, where you see him tending to his roses — showing that he actually has a life.

At the very end of the movie, he’s so angry he lost the final battle that he throws a tantrum.

It’s just awkward.

I hardly scratched the surface

Those are just some of the worst bits that stick out to me. The movie has a lot of other problems. To name a few more: all around bad acting, little emotion, the dragons are birds. The ending is wtf?

If I have to praise anything in the film, it’s going to be the CGI. For 2006, the Saphira looks good — I’d even say she still holds up today.


Will they remake the Eragon movie?

Many fans are still hoping for a movie or television remake, but it’s hard to imagine a studio picking up the Inheritance Cycle in 2018. The final book in the series had a lukewarm reception, and a lot of the hype behind the books seems to have died down.

That still said, if it was ever going to happen, now would be the time. Shadowhunters got a second (albeit short-lived) chance at the screen. And a His Dark Materials remake is in the works. This shows that studios are willing to give franchises a second go. On top of that, 21st Century Fox, which owns the movie rights to Eragon, might be acquired by Disney soon — and we all know how much Disney loves a good franchise.

So who knows? There may still be a shot at seeing Eragon and Saphira take flight again.

Do you want an Eragon movie remake?