The Red Queen Movie: Victoria Aveyard is dropping hints that news is on the horizon

The Red Queen movie might still be alive and well. 🤔


After years of silence, is Red Queen author Victoria Aveyard hinting that there might be some new developments in regards to the Red Queen movie?

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Let’s get something straight: We’re not working on any concrete facts here. This is speculation.

So first, some context. A Red Queen movie has been in the works for a while — that much is NOT speculation. Universal Pictures picked up the movie rights years ago and Elizabeth Banks (‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘Pitch Perfect’) agreed to direct the film in 2015. Aveyard’s even been on record talking about the movie and her experience with Banks.

But news on the Red Queen movie front has been (mostly) quiet since then. Aveyard has completed the Red Queen series since those early movie announcements. King’s Cage came out in 2017. No news. War Storm hit shelves in 2018. No news. The follow-up to the series — Broken Throne — comes out next month. Still no news.

But that might not be the case much longer.

Aveyard’s shared a couple of tweets in recent weeks that suggest the movie’s not dead.

Our first inkling that pre-production on the film was moving forward came on April 3 when Aveyard tweeted, “[N]ot to be cryptic but I just read something really good and it wasn’t a book.”

Obviously, this could have been many things. But we can’t help but wonder if this was the movie script? Whatever she read, it was important enough that she thought her fans — many of whom have surely read her books — would be interested in knowing about.

And then this little tweet came a week later on April 9.

When actress Ava Cantrell tweeted that she had read the Red Queen books during spring break, she tagged Aveyard and asked, “Will there be a movie? There needs to be!”

Aveyard’s response? “Stay tuned.”

Of course, none of this guarantees that we’ll be seeing Mare Barrow on the silver screen. Many movies are optioned and then stall — even with scripts written, directors hired and cast members attached. The Artemis Fowl community will happily tell you stories about “development hell.” There’s still a long way to go and nothing in Hollywood is certain.

With that in mind, now’s probably the best time for the Red Queen movie to take center stage. Apart from Children of Blood and Bone, there aren’t any major YA film franchises on the horizon. And with the Red Queen book series already complete, filmmakers have the full picture when it comes to Aveyard’s vision for her world and characters, which should hopefully make it easier to bring it all to life on screen.


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  • Tom • 4 years ago

    Could Esme Creed-Miles play the lead???

  • ava • 3 years ago

    she recently said in march 2021 that they were still chugging along

  • Ashley • 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed all the books, I feel that a movie would really make the characters become alive!